We find winning solutions

Our team has taken our experience working on progressive campaigns to offer an array of professional and cost effective services that campaigns need to win. We custom tailor all of our services and never deliver cookie-cutter solutions. If it doesn’t help reach your target market, or further your cause, we won’t offer it.

Identity Design

A political logo is the foundation for building a long-lasting and memorable brand. Based on our client’s personal preferences, our consultant’s political judgement, and the experience of our design team, the Blue Roots team will put together a series of logo proofs accompanied with an analytical breakdown to deliver a service we call the Blue Roots ViewFinder. ViewFinder begins with a tour of competitor logos and logos used in past campaigns for similar positions. We then work directly with you to blend improvements on past logos with your personal preferences, with our political and marketing enhancements, and with modern design that appeals to the target market. Identity services can’t be compared to designing a banner or website because the longevity of the brand, and breadth of the market are much more complex for a logo.

Website Management

The primary purpose of website management is to ensure you have the ability to upload/add/change content seamlessly without requiring a Blue Roots team member to assist. To make this possible, each day your website will be monitored and the following integrity items will be checked: Load times, image optimization, dead links, design integrity, and code integrity. In addition to maintaining the integrity of the website daily, each maintenance month we will perform basic SEO work and Google Analytics reports will be built. User support is offered via email 24/7 to assist with any technical problems using or accessing website products. Website enhancements and design additions will be considered maintenance on a per instance basis. We have several levels of maintenance service and will cater the maintenance based on your particular needs.

Social Networking Management

We will custom design a visually stunning Facebook page and Twitter page with branding elements consistent with your message and identity. To launch the social pages, we will design an HTML email so you can send a marketing email blast introducing your new social presence. To keep messaging consistent, we will integrate the social networks with your website so that all posts will be automatically added to the social networks. Any posts made to one social network will update the other automatically via Facebook and Twitter apps. All photos will be uploaded to a Flickr account and automatically linked to Facebook. Our copy writers can also proctor updates to the social networks.

E-mail Campaigns

Our design team will design HTML and text based email templates using branding and identity elements of the campaign. For each email campaign we will design a cohesive page layout with the provided content and images. We will accommodate any email platform currently in use. We also offer a ‘Send to My Contacts’ feature where users receive an HTML email suggesting they email their personal contact list with text that the user can copy and paste into their email program. We also include suggested things to write to make the email seem personalized.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For websites that require top listings on search engines, and our research shows that more than basic SEO work is needed to accomplish this, we offer a monthly service where white hat SEO tactics are employed. We offer Negative-Press SEO, which is a service that attempts to minimize potentially negative searches. We also offer Opponent keyword SEO, which is a service that attempts to list the client’s website when their opponent is searched (where appropriate). We don’t shoot in the dark like other firms, we utilize proven industry leading SEO software to accomplish your SEO needs.

Pay per Click Design and Management

Google Adwords, the Google content network, BlogAds, and other online advertising platforms alike have changed the way news travels throughout the web. Ad revenue from these services has enabled blogs and online newspapers to reach an unprecedented volume of readers instantaneously. Blue Roots has done national, state, local, and micro-targeted ad campaigns using a variety of advertising platforms. Our research and design team design and keep designing PPC banner ads to find the most effective during your online ad campaign.

Online Contribution Setup

We know how important donations and contributions are to online campaigns, so Blue Roots will take the hassle out of setting up payment gateways by gathering the necessary information from your campaign, communicating with the chosen online contributions platform, and integrating the platform with the clients website and email blast systems. We will give you the pros and cons of the different online contribution platforms so you can make an informed decision when choosing. We will also help make you and your team familiar with the system so they have full control after the initial setup.


Our consultants work directly with our photographers to help find the perfect image for your message. The Blue Roots family has two very talented contract photographers. Our photographers can be booked for Event Photography so your hard work and community service is documented. It is also important for any election to have professional Campaign Portraits for media and direct mail collateral. When appropriate, our photography team can also help build a series of Opposition Photography to be sure your opponent is portrayed honestly.